Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Veil over Soul

Dew drops over the visions of innocence
Tainting reality, every fine day,
Dawned over minds, an Age of Lust,
Took just a beautiful skin, to keep senses gay.
Then, a dame I saw, a gorgeous one,
An instant, my heart felt a slender sweep,
Where some elations echoed, 'This is love',
Not inside a mind, numbed into sleep.
Senses, into thoughtless notions, cunned and awed,
By the eyes that sparkled, its the soul, I thought,
Balanced with the flesh, and mirrored the curves,
Tickled by cupid's doubles, in an illusion caught.
All those next dawns, seemed Groundhog days,
Monotony of 'swept hearts', on the parade of gloss,
From the skin-deep souls, I sought, no care,
And a fall of lust, gave a freedom from its claws.
With thoughts more mature, began thus, a quest,
Awaiting to drench my soul, in the deep sea of affection,
Far from the vicious veil of waves, the skin to an ocean,
With kisses from the shoals of care, a true love's reflection.