Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Again blogging after a long time. i call this as a "blog slumber"...!!!!!!!!

"I dreamt of sleep"

"I search all through, a treasure lost somewhere,
Somehow not mine but in peers everywhere.
I plunge into dreams to find where I lost
Alas ! it isn't there, for am awake aghast.
Am failing time and again in the Science of sleep,
Always resonating to a Road Runner beep.
I got the looks to a Droopy dog's envy,
All from when I became an IT savvy.
The last time, when a good nap I had,
Before the software took me, I was a normal lad.
I wonder how dreams come to people around me,
And later did I find, they find sleep so easy.
From the time I lost my sleep and dreams,
The reality I face, like a dream it seems."
So said my friend, taking his sleeping pill,
Knowing it wouldn't help to make his wish fulfill..!!


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