Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Veil over Soul

Dew drops over the visions of innocence
Tainting reality, every fine day,
Dawned over minds, an Age of Lust,
Took just a beautiful skin, to keep senses gay.
Then, a dame I saw, a gorgeous one,
An instant, my heart felt a slender sweep,
Where some elations echoed, 'This is love',
Not inside a mind, numbed into sleep.
Senses, into thoughtless notions, cunned and awed,
By the eyes that sparkled, its the soul, I thought,
Balanced with the flesh, and mirrored the curves,
Tickled by cupid's doubles, in an illusion caught.
All those next dawns, seemed Groundhog days,
Monotony of 'swept hearts', on the parade of gloss,
From the skin-deep souls, I sought, no care,
And a fall of lust, gave a freedom from its claws.
With thoughts more mature, began thus, a quest,
Awaiting to drench my soul, in the deep sea of affection,
Far from the vicious veil of waves, the skin to an ocean,
With kisses from the shoals of care, a true love's reflection.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Distant Damsel

Your eyes sent me into a dizzy ponder,
Stare you do, it kills me tender.
When waves of love hit me began,
Started to feel a romantic tang.
When you fall in my outstretched hands
Together we will stroll in timeless sands.
With you, the journeys beyond all realms,
Sadly happens, just in my dreams.
Never kissed and hugged the air before
Like now, I want your touch more and more.
Mindlessly letting my heart to you away,
Into where it wants to make a foray.

but then I am........

Relishing this strange feel I found,
Forgetting that happen mine around,
Envisioning your grace everywhere,
Remembering your presence forever.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Again blogging after a long time. i call this as a "blog slumber"...!!!!!!!!

"I dreamt of sleep"

"I search all through, a treasure lost somewhere,
Somehow not mine but in peers everywhere.
I plunge into dreams to find where I lost
Alas ! it isn't there, for am awake aghast.
Am failing time and again in the Science of sleep,
Always resonating to a Road Runner beep.
I got the looks to a Droopy dog's envy,
All from when I became an IT savvy.
The last time, when a good nap I had,
Before the software took me, I was a normal lad.
I wonder how dreams come to people around me,
And later did I find, they find sleep so easy.
From the time I lost my sleep and dreams,
The reality I face, like a dream it seems."
So said my friend, taking his sleeping pill,
Knowing it wouldn't help to make his wish fulfill..!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Falling in Love....... Again...!!!!

My heart and me, was once with you,
Hand in hand, holding a life u promised.
Now broken down to a lonely corner,
Hugging only the memories left by you.
From the first you talked to the last you bore,
In my tears i see the days we shared.
The way you were, like no other had been,
Are now pages in my nostalgic yore.
You were so special and i too had been,
Your worries and joy sought solace in me,
Only me i thought filled your heart,
Now a torned down love i have never seen,
Echoes of your voice, soft and divine.
Even now green are your smiles, i would never see,
And your sensual touches, on my heart and me
Still you are an angel, though cannot be mine
Starting to hate myself, my sin and you,
For i wanted to possess beyond your memories,
And you buried, i thought you never would,
But still i am insane, with all desires for you...!!!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

well i really dunno wat to type in my first blog.... after long hours of thinkin i've decided to blog my poems instead... hope u will enjoy these... here goes my first one...

Glance And Words

I felt my mind floating high above
The clouds of joy kissing me.
A day my life reluctantly strode past
engraved in my heart and history.
to those yearning days an end is imposed
when my eyes relished only her distant smiles,
those flirtations just kept eluding me,
my thoughts wondered and my words dozed.
to the day, my mind held indifferences,
a pleasant surprise waited behind its doors,
that i would get to smell her fragrance,
and the aura of her breath going to erode my senses.
a day when my words met hers'
amidst two minds trembling with shyness
to talk an epic for an eternity of duets
only a silence won tinted with words so scarce.
our visions locked and the urge it conveyed,
to fall in love at every instance of that time,
so the senses emoted for a romantic hug,
then my joy shouted, 'for each other we are made'.